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Respiratory Recharge

Branding, website and content for a new respiratory focused supplement

Web Design | Branding | Logo Design | Copy Writing | Packaging Design | Visual Assets



The Challenge

Oct 2020 - Feb 2021

Dec 2020

Carnelian Inc.

Web Designer, Visual Designer, Market Researcher

Based on emergency room experience and research, two doctors came up with a novel supplement formula to help support the respiratory and immune systems. This is especially important with COVID-19 affecting primarily the respiratory system. With only the formula and a manufacturer lined up, they commissioned Carnelian Inc. to name the product and create a brand, website, and marketing strategy.


  • Website Design

  • Early Landing Page Design

  • Visual Marketing Assets

  • Logo Design Concepts

  • Copy Writing

  • Market Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Naming

  • Packaging Design

  • Concepts

  • Compliance Research

  • Pricing Strategy

We needed to:

  1. Create a name, brand, packaging design, and website that connects with people looking to be proactive about their respiratory health during a pandemic.

  2. Inform customers of the benefits of the product while staying compliant with tight FDA guidelines on supplements.

  3. Find ways to stand out in a saturated supplement market while balancing with familiarity and searchability.

  4. Design a website that is informative, reassuring, fun, and makes purchasing products easy.

Website Design

My role was designing each element and carefully considering how they would lay out together. Typography and hierarchy was a very important balancing act to fit all the important information we had without being overbearing or visually claustrophobic. Each section was designed in unison with mobile designs to ensure that the mobile experience was as polished as the desktop.

RR Home Hero.png

Like the bottle itself, the hero section needed to say it all in an exciting and balanced way in case this was the only view that a customer would see before deciding to read on, buy or leave.

RR Benefits Section.png

The nine major benefits needed to be easy-to-read taglines with additional descriptions. I collaborated with Marina Christos on the copy to be informative, succinct, and appealing to potential customers. Natalie Leroy and I created fun illustrations with half-pill backgrounds to represent each point.

RR Ingredients.png

The ingredients are each listed in an accordion that resembles a charging battery. The challenge was to not make it too big while displaying all the necessary information and making sure that it worked on mobile as well.

RR Shop.png

After studying many pricing patterns, we chose this vertical layout for its easy comparison and bold aesthetic. We managed to balance all the pricing interpretations into an easy-to-read hierarchy.

Component Sticker Sheet

I was responsible for designing all the components. Each has carefully considered proportions in relation to one another and the site as a whole. The goal was for each element to be bold and refined with deliberate negative space and alignments.

Component Sticker Sheet.png

Branding Colors

The brand colors have 4 primary colors with secondary colors filling in a spectrum of tertiary yellows and blues representing energy and breathing. I was responsible for refining the colors into a cohesive system.

RR Colors.png


We chose Spartan as the bold headline font for the brand with Roboto as the practical san serif that allows for more information to fit horizontally on a line with its condensed nature. Based on a few layouts, I created a type scale that provides consistency, harmony, and easier decision-making for the website.

RR Typography.png


I was deeply involved in the naming and conceptualization of the logo and especially in refining the final direction into pixel-perfect lockups.

RR Logo Branding.png

A pair of lungs as a charged-up battery is the symbol of what this product does for your health. The plus sign acts as both a positive charge and a hint towards medicine.

Padding A.png
Padding B.png
Vertical Lockup.png
Horizontal Lockup.png

The vertical and horizontal lockups use the “R” and the “I” for harmonious spacing between the elements.

Padding C.png
Padding D.png

Usage and Padding
The height and width of the lungs are used as minimum white space around the logo.

Packaging Design

I worked on several phases of concepts. We wanted the packaging to be informative, emphasize the doctor-formulated aspect and be a little fun. Before we even had a name we knew that we needed to emphasize that this is a respiratory-focused immunity product. We wanted it to feel medical or scientific and listing the primary benefits.

RR Bottle Concepts A.png

Early Concepts
We explored themes of scientific, generic supplement, and lifestyle. We also wrestled with how much information we could get on the front of the label. Surveys and interviews helped us narrow our focus. We learned that people wanted to know more about the benefits rather than the ingredients themselves. We also learned that there were certain shades of green that produced strong negative reactions because they were too medical, or reminded the survey participants of products that they really disliked in the past.

RR Bottle Concepts B.png

Settling on a name and theme, having bottle specs and thorough guidelines from the FDA really focused layout decisions and visual direction. Once we knew that we wanted a cross of a charged battery and lungs all the elements started to come together. We really leaned into communicating how this product is re-energizing for your health. This product didn't have to be an anonymous pill, but could start to communicate emotion.

bottle final single 1.png

Final Package Mockup

  • Emphasizes respiratory-focused immune support.

  • The bullet points were carefully chosen to resonate with users looking for respiratory and immune support.

  • One of the biggest differentiators is that this supplement was formulated by doctors working in the field.

  • The final design needed to meet and fit all the FDA requirements for supplement labels including claims, disclaimers, required information, and minimum font sizes.

  • All the elements are carefully fit, aligned, and balanced with space, color, and a bit of fun and energy.

Print Ready Label Design 

I was responsible for working with the manufacturer and FDA guidelines to make sure that everything was properly listed, in compliance, and pixel perfect for printing.


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